With a growing portfolio of proprietary trade conferences and exhibitions in Asia-Pacific and other global emerging markets, SingEx Exhibitions, part of SingEx Holdings and a fully-owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, focuses on industries with high growth potential.

We actively identify the needs of key industries and develop new-to-market trade platforms that bridge industry gaps in the ever-evolving global marketplace.

We take a creative and innovative approach in the development of our events, curating high-quality content that helps shape each industry’s future, and creating powerful connections that help our customers meet their business objectives.



The automotive business is a global industry with each region providing its own unique opportunities. Whether you are looking to conduct feasibility studies, seek local partners, generate new sales leads or aiming to maintain relationships with clients, developing new businesses in key markets is always challenging.

As one of the world’s most established trade platforms for tyres, automotive repair maintenance, services, smart solutions and tyre sustainability, the Tyrexpo series will provide participants with the ability to maximise business opportunities, with access to 4 key markets – Southeast Asia, India, Africa and Europe.

tyrexpo asia

Tyrexpo Asia 2019 – 12th Edition
Date: 19 – 21 March 2019
Venue: Halls 1 & 2, Singapore EXPO, Singapore

As part of the Tyrexpo series, exhibitions held in the various parts of the world – Singapore, India (Chennai and New Delhi) and South Africa, the 12th edition of Tyrexpo Asia will bring about close to 5,000 industry players from around Asia Pacific to congregate in Asia’s leading platform for tyres, tyre repair equipment, tools and tyre accessories, to showcase the latest technology and equipment, discuss best practices and solutions to drive operational efficiencies and profits for businesses.

Garagexpo Asia

GarageXpo Asia 2019 – 2nd  Edition
Date: 19 – 21 March 2019
Venue: Halls 1 & 2, Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Neighbouring Tyrexpo Asia is the 2nd edition of GarageXpo Asia which will bring together the automotive aftermarket communities in Asia to showcase the latest automotive repair and maintenance equipment, technology, trends and challenges.

Rubber exchang forum

Rubber Exchange Forum

Led by China and India, Asia’s robust economic growth bolstered the demand for natural rubber as a critical raw material in the last decade. Prices of natural rubber have shown volatility over this period. Moving forward, as supply and demand dynamics continue to evolve robustly, the market is expected to witness similar pricing challenges.

To be delivered by experienced practitioners from the industry, the Rubber Exchange Forum is held under the umbrella of World Rubber Week.

World rubber summit

The World Rubber Summit is the key event of “World Rubber Week”. The conference programme is designed to address broader, strategic policy led issues which impact the rubber industry, and will examine how leaders of the global rubber industry are adjusting to the rapidly changing world economy and new global paradigms which will inadvertently have an impact on the industry.
world rubber week
The World Rubber Week is an umbrella platform which comprises a series of targeted events and activities addressing the different elements of the value chain of the rubber industry which when aggregated, creates a powerful magnet for industry leaders and stakeholders to come together to discuss new ideas, forge new collaborations and view the latest products and solutions.

Tyrexpo Africa 2018 – 7th Edition
Date: 10 – 12 April 2018
Venue: Hall 2, Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

Tyrexpo Africa is the continent’s only dedicated trade exhibition for Africa’s Tyre, Automotive Repair & Maintenance, and Tyre Accessories market, where over 3,000 industry players from Africa and the surrounding regions converge on a single platform, to exchange ideas, expertise, products and innovations within the ecosystem.

GarageXpo Africa 2018 – NEW!
Date: 10 – 12 April 2018
Venue: Hall 2, Gallagher Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

Held alongside Tyrexpo Africa, GarageXpo Africa brings together the automotive aftermarket communities in Africa and the surrounding regions, to showcase the latest ideas, expertise, products and innovations. Anchor your brand at GarageXpo Africa to tap into this network and generate quality business leads via various curated business activities on the show floor.


Tyrexpo India 2018 – 6th Edition
Date: 21 – 23 June 2018
Venue: Hall 12A, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India

Tyrexpo India is a dedicated tyre trade show, showcasing the latest trends and technologies in all tyre-related industries including equipment, tools and accessories for the Indian subcontinent. Over 2,500 industry players will take part in this industry trade event.


GarageXpo India 2018 – 2nd Edition
Date: 21 – 23 June 2018
Venue: Hall 12A, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India

Held alongside Tyrexpo India, GarageXpo India is a highly specialised automotive repair and maintenance trade show. It brings together manufacturers and distributors of workshop equipment, safety gears, specialty tools and related products as well as workshop management service providers and technology developers.


ASEAN Connect logo

ASEAN Connect 2018 – 2nd  Edition
Date: 1 March 2018
Venue: MAX Atria @ Singapore EXPO

Part of the Connect Series brand of C-Suite events, ASEAN Connect is an annual invitation-only forum that offers an insider’s look into an expert analysis of the region’s economic roadmap, latest market trends and a network of like-minded movers-and-shakers, business leaders and innovators that opens up new business ventures and investments in ASEAN.


This by-invitation-only forum is an annual gathering of entrepreneurs of all stages of business development, as well as c-level executives, business leaders, movers and shakers of various industries, in an environment that aims to synergize innovation, passion and pragmatism.

Tradevents Connect 2018 – 2nd Edition
Date: 30 August 2018
Venue: MAX Atria @ Singapore EXPO

Tradevents Connect is part of the Connect Series. With an aim to provide Singapore’s business community with a dedicated platform to network, exchange ideas and collaborate for success. This annual by-invite only event gathers key industry players from various trade organisations and business chambers in Singapore.


Technology plays a vital role in business. Our series of carefully curated technology-driven conferences and exhibitions in Asia has its pulse on the technological revolution changing today’s business landscape.

We help to lay roadmaps for businesses, government, and societies looking to transform and drive innovation for their organisation in the areas of ICT initiatives, IoT adoption and security technology.


Campus Party 2018 – NEW!
Date: 6  – 8 July 2018
Venue: Hall 7, Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Evolved from a global gaming and demo gathering, Campus Party is now a global movement in more than 12 countries around the world. 3 days, 300 hours of content, thousands of talented individuals band together to devote their time, skills, knowledge to the pursuit of innovation and creativity. Don’t miss the opportunity to network and participate in workshops and challenges with the sharpest and most creative minds at this unique platform!


Last Mile Fulfilment Asia 2018 – 4th Edition
Date: 15 – 16 March 2018
Venue: Hall 4, Singapore EXPO, Singapore

As ASEAN continues its push in the digital economy, Last Mile Fulfilment Asia will connect the online & offline retail to parcel & logistics and post click e-commerce technology industries through glocalised fulfilment.

As 2018 becomes the year of possibilities and change, businesses need to adapt to maximise the prospects brought forth by e-commerce and find the opportunities during these challenging times for traditional retail.

There will be over 100 speakers, 2,500 attendees and 90 exhibitors from across the retail, e-commerce, parcel and logistics industries for the 4th edition of Last Mile Fulfilment Asia.


RSA Conference 2018 – 6th Edition
Date: 25 – 27 July 2018
Venue: Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The RSA Conference series is the world’s leading cybersecurity conference, with global attendees reaching over 45,000 delegates per year. The RSA Conference focuses on providing valuable content and its commitment to finding new industry voices and new ways for the community to feel inspired and engaged.

RSA Conference Asia Pacific & Japan consist of three days of high-quality education, engaging content and valuable networking. Delegates will also be exposed to innovative technologies and leadership that will help secure organisation and their future.

sinapore fintech festival

Singapore FinTech Festival 2018 – 3rd Edition
Date: 12 – 16 November 2018
Venue: Halls 1 – 4, Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Organised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, in partnership with The Association of Banks Singapore (ABS) and in collaboration with SingEx, Singapore FinTech Festival is the largest Financial Technology event in the world. Attracting more than 30,000 participants, decision makers and investors from 109 countries in 2017, the event is considered by the global FinTech community as the world’s largest platform for the global FinTech community, with Singapore thriving as an international hub at the forefront of FinTech innovation.


SITEX 2018 – 30th Edition
Date: 22 – 25 November 2018
Venue: : Hall 5 & 6A, Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Singapore’s premier consumer and lifestyle exhibition, where consumers can purchase, experience and get an exclusive preview of some of the most innovative consumer technologies and products available in the market today.


Asia is facing a growing demand for higher quality healthcare and a rapidly ageing population. Through a series of targeted conferences and exhibitions, SingEx provides the platform for policymakers, healthcare and medical professionals and solution providers to discuss, network and collaborate on ways to improve the quality of healthcare and to share best clinical practices and latest technological advancement.


AnEW 2019  – 2nd Edition
Date: September 2019
Venue: MAX Atria @ Singapore EXPO

AnEW is a conference and exhibition which provides healthcare professionals with a platform to discuss challenges and solutions in the areas of anti-ageing, aesthetics and wellness. Recognising increasing consumer needs and growing business capabilities, explore products and solutions that improve aesthetic treatments in areas such as cosmeceuticals, chemical peels, body contouring and regenerative medicine.


CaREhab 2018 –  2nd Edition
Date: 22 – 23 February 2019
Venue: Singapore EXPO

CaREhab is a conference and exhibition focusing on rehabilitation and care as a continuum. The show improves the lives of patients, as well as their friends and family by providing a platform for healthcare practitioners to exchange knowledge and learn.


RadiologyAsia 2019 – 4th Edition
Date: May 2019
Venue: MAX Atria @ Singapore EXPO

Bringing together radiology professionals and the medical imaging industry to meet and network, where the best clinical practices and the latest technological advancement in the field of radiology are showcased and broadcasted to the region.



IFLA World Congress 2018
Date: 18 – 21 July 2018
Venue: Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Returning to Singapore for only the second time, the 55th IFLA World Congress 2018 is the largest and most significant event for landscape professionals in the world. Held in conjunction with the Singapore Garden Festival, the Congress dives into the importance of landscape architecture in shaping our living environment. IFLA World Congress 2018 serves as the converging point for thought-leaders and industry players to exchange conversations on greening strategies and address environmental issues by sussing out potential technologies that strive for future resilience.


 Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC – a HANNOVER MESSE Event – NEW!
Date: 16 – 18 October 2018
Venue: Halls 1 & 2, Singapore EXPO, Singapore

In partnership with Deutsche Messe, the world’s leading trade show for industrial technology, Singapore will be hosting the inaugural trade show for Industry 4.0. Recognising the impact of fourth industrial revolution, Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC – a HANNOVER MESSE event equips leading manufacturers and technology providers with not only the latest technologies and concepts, but global solutions and cross-industry skills that address the rapidly changing manufacturing ecosystem.


 IoT Asia 2019 – 6th Edition
Date: 27 – 28 March 2019
Venue: Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Asia’s leading exhibition and conference for governments, businesses and communities in the IoT ecosystem to dialogue, and advance ideas on the growth of Asia’s IoT ecosystem. This is a pioneering platform for IoT technology leaders and emerging disruptors.